Warriors of Glory

Warriors of Glory takes players into the world of the middle ages covers by darkness, the reign of evil and a lot more dangerous, always stalking. Start the game, the player will be choosing 1 of the 3 character classes are Barbarian, Wizard, or Assassin. Each of the heroes are all owned the character the same special power. Once done your characters, gamers will start the journey against evil and terrible creatures of the dark powers. Earn to die 5

Warriors of GloryIn addition to PvE mode according to the plot usually seen, Warriors of Glory also has a few more exciting multiplayer modes. In it, players can set up groups and try to conquer the tricky pole boss to have the opportunity to get more valuable rewards. In addition, gamers also can join the arena PvP flaming up to 4 people at the same time. Earn to die 6

Warriors of Glory-2Action role-playing game with extreme gravity the same beautiful 3D graphics design, live action, the Warriors of Glory really deserves to be on your Android device. The game is currently released for free have come choice IAP.

Trinium Wars


Trinium Wars

After a period of extensive testing in March but required gamers to quit at least 5 USD as early access, at the present time extremely nostalgic game impressed Trinium Wars has officially opened widely and completely free to everyone. Earn to die 5

Trinium Wars is remake of L.A. W: Living After War former Islamic attention 2011 song yet to be officially out due to some problem in the stitch. Trinium Wars storyline revolves around the war period of nuclear disaster between the 2 factions Humans and Naks to scramble during the chaos of the world. The player will join the force on, there was also a race game is Shamaks but only for NPC only. Earn to die 6

Highlights of Trinium Wars come from the background graphics are relatively easy to look at, and specifically the fictional storyline, intermingled with mythical elements. However, because the indie game is a game image should not create authentically enough out of the picture, and yet comparable with those found in the current blockbuster MMORPG.
In General, the content plays in Trinium Wars quite similar to World of WarCraft during the initial period, when players will be asked to explore the map, talk to the NPC to receive missions. The operation Mission in the game is not too complicated, often only revolves around activities that destroy monsters, collect items or chat with other NPCs, pretty simple. Luna Online: Reborn

Luna Online: Reborn

The online game is so super cute Luna Online: Reborn has officially opened for free pickup of gamers into play. Earn to die 6

Reportedly, Luna Online: Reborn is the remake of Luna Online has launched in 2008 with the many improvements in graphics as well as gameplay, but still retain the computer or of this game from the appearance on the market.

Basically, Luna Online: Reborn is the game in the role-playing genre myths cartoony style and cute. Games set in the world is invaded by an evil sadistic and cruel, the human race first and forced Allied together to fight the destruction of species and tell about an army of demons to his family and his friends.

Luna Online: Reborn is taking every for all ages with these features are 1 not 2 not that game would also be. It is these features fun, entertaining and community spirit was high. With the outstanding features like Matchmaking System and its Guilds System, Family Alliances System, Luna Online will take you to a whole new world. MMORPG Stellacept Online

MMORPG Stellacept Online

MMORPG Stellacept Online us with a distant world in the future where humans successfully invented the technique of bending space. From this, humanity began to leave the homeland Earth to travel into the universe out there. 450 years after that time, a lot of colonies had been established throughout the Galactic Tournament with 48 second planet bearing the name Sadalsuud are explored. Soon when people reach out to residents here and building their own civilization. earn to die 

Stellacept Online’s gameplay style is a combination of the traditional MMORPG under arm Asobimo. In it, the player will start by customizing the character to every detail, from my face, my height, my height till the date of birth and his agent properties. Done, you will start to put those first steps on the world’s most extensive Online Stellacept’s close below the third, enter the soul into the development phase or storm nightclub gun bay bridge screen.. This is also the point quite specifically of when title allows gamers to change the main weapon in the ongoing real time side, with a complete and specialized skills in isolation.

Besides, the system level up and upgrade skills also brought new breath right as to the context of future fantasy game. In addition to reaching a certain level in the same amount of each specific point in hand, today’s figures will amount to spica. It was right when the plus points but lacks redundancy spica you still can’t help your Warrior strength development. This is a rather strange elements in the village of MMORPG, would motivate players continued to fight and kill the monster in order to accumulate a lot of spica.Metal Slug Defense

Prince of Persia Shadow&Flame

Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame is a port/remake of the Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame-out eye on DOS in 1993. The context of the game is 11 days after the conclusion of the 1st Edition-released in 1989 and is also the original Prince of Persia: Classic on Android. Still in the role of Prince of Persia, players will have to overcome the difficult challenge to rescue the Princess. earn to die



Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame be improved much in terms of graphics and sound, and is redesigned how the controls to fit the screen, Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame still contained a few new points. In Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame you will be experiencing different level 14 with amazing 3D graphics! Warhammer 40K: Freeblade



Star of Heroes

Star of Heroes is a game titles focus on collecting the armies to build the most powerful Squad, conqueror of the spin-off. The game focuses more on computer role-playing when gamers will have to find many types of furniture suitable for the hero, the power as well as defensive capabilities when out of the battle. Earn to die
Combat in Star of Heroes goes towards the turn base, the character in the team will wait his turn to punch to the opponent. Like many other games of the same genre, the computer very tactical focus, gamer must arrange the lineup for the match, at the same time attack the proper target. Pirates Musketeers

Extra Edition in evil Star of Heroes was built under a separate storyline quite interesting rather than running around through the spin-off of a nonsensical way to hell beat making money, making map.
One of the Star attractions of Heroes is the Orchestra Hero was borrowed completely from DOTA, from formation to the skill, style, created the very gameplay excitement for gamers.


This Is The Only Level 3

This Is The Only Level 3 is a highly entertaining and quirky, platform-based action game for older kids and teens where you repeatedly play the same terrain over and over – with a new hidden twist and problem-solving task added each time you attempt the level. You play the role of an acrobatic elephant character with the goal of escaping through the Exit Pipe each time. earn to die


While you may be replaying the ‘only level’ again and again (the ledges and platforms remain the same as you progress), this does not mean that it gets repetitive or boring! Each re-play of this clever puzzle and skill-based game provides a fun new test of your analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, visual awareness, reaction speed, coordination and keyboard control, and more. Good-old trial and error is important here too – Learning from your mistakes is the best way to figure out the correct solution in each new situation. Do you have the ability and drive to think outside the box to complete all levels? F/A-18 Hornet