Warriors of Glory

Warriors of Glory takes players into the world of the middle ages covers by darkness, the reign of evil and a lot more dangerous, always stalking. Start the game, the player will be choosing 1 of the 3 character classes are Barbarian, Wizard, or Assassin. Each of the heroes are all owned the character the same special power. Once done your characters, gamers will start the journey against evil and terrible creatures of the dark powers. Earn to die 5

Warriors of GloryIn addition to PvE mode according to the plot usually seen, Warriors of Glory also has a few more exciting multiplayer modes. In it, players can set up groups and try to conquer the tricky pole boss to have the opportunity to get more valuable rewards. In addition, gamers also can join the arena PvP flaming up to 4 people at the same time. Earn to die 6

Warriors of Glory-2Action role-playing game with extreme gravity the same beautiful 3D graphics design, live action, the Warriors of Glory really deserves to be on your Android device. The game is currently released for free have come choice IAP.

Trinium Wars


MMORPG Stellacept Online

MMORPG Stellacept Online us with a distant world in the future where humans successfully invented the technique of bending space. From this, humanity began to leave the homeland Earth to travel into the universe out there. 450 years after that time, a lot of colonies had been established throughout the Galactic Tournament with 48 second planet bearing the name Sadalsuud are explored. Soon when people reach out to residents here and building their own civilization. earn to die 

Stellacept Online’s gameplay style is a combination of the traditional MMORPG under arm Asobimo. In it, the player will start by customizing the character to every detail, from my face, my height, my height till the date of birth and his agent properties. Done, you will start to put those first steps on the world’s most extensive Online Stellacept’s close below the third, enter the soul into the development phase or storm nightclub gun bay bridge screen.. This is also the point quite specifically of when title allows gamers to change the main weapon in the ongoing real time side, with a complete and specialized skills in isolation.

Besides, the system level up and upgrade skills also brought new breath right as to the context of future fantasy game. In addition to reaching a certain level in the same amount of each specific point in hand, today’s figures will amount to spica. It was right when the plus points but lacks redundancy spica you still can’t help your Warrior strength development. This is a rather strange elements in the village of MMORPG, would motivate players continued to fight and kill the monster in order to accumulate a lot of spica.Metal Slug Defense

Metal Slug Defense

With these gamers are familiar with this title shall make the issue of graphics and sounds nothing more to say. However, only the owner of the image of the classic 2D Metal Slug but never do players have to disappoint. The game uses a lot of wallpapers, animations and includes all the characters in the game series including the villain. Metal Slug Defense gives you a different gameplay compared to the old version of the real-time strategy genre. earn to die



Each round of fighting, you have a power bar called AP and only few will mourn over time. To require a certain amount of AP you will summon the basic soldier, the familiar, the dwarf robot Rambo there and strong defense, or the villains from the previous version. When has prevailed on his force, you will destroy the enemy base is located at the bottom of the screen and move on to the next round.


Actually there are so many options for a team involved in a match. You can prepare in advance by picking out 10 members in his squad. The player can increase the levels for each Member by payment of an amount of money that we can earn after each match. Besides heroes, they have private armed and will enable them after a certain period of time.Prince of Persia Shadow&Flame


In addition to completing the tasks often, fights through each scenario, you can join to challenge other players over an online tournament mode. You can socialize, make friends with people from all over the world.

Pixel Super Heroes

You have dreams of becoming a superhero like Superman, iron man or even Thunder Thor. Brand new mobile game has just launched on the Android last week named Pixel Super Heroes will do satisfied desire it right now. earn to die 


The context in the game talking about how the world is threatened by the new black power, the people then turn up missing or kidnapped hostage. Our mission is to gather the superhero to the rescue world. All heroes must run through many different cities, battling hordes of evil guys and freed the hostages.


Accordingly, Pixel Super Heroes is a superhero in the action game category run endlessly fascinating and quite addictive, where you have to collect more coins as possible and save the hostages. Now is the time to become the next super hero.Adventures of Mana

Star of Heroes

Star of Heroes is a game titles focus on collecting the armies to build the most powerful Squad, conqueror of the spin-off. The game focuses more on computer role-playing when gamers will have to find many types of furniture suitable for the hero, the power as well as defensive capabilities when out of the battle. Earn to die
Combat in Star of Heroes goes towards the turn base, the character in the team will wait his turn to punch to the opponent. Like many other games of the same genre, the computer very tactical focus, gamer must arrange the lineup for the match, at the same time attack the proper target. Pirates Musketeers

Extra Edition in evil Star of Heroes was built under a separate storyline quite interesting rather than running around through the spin-off of a nonsensical way to hell beat making money, making map.
One of the Star attractions of Heroes is the Orchestra Hero was borrowed completely from DOTA, from formation to the skill, style, created the very gameplay excitement for gamers.


Rail Rush 2

Basic Game Play

The basic goal for all installments of the game is to kill the enemies. You can do this by using bombs. There are power ups and weapons that you can use to make it easier for you to do your task. But you also need to get away from the bombs when you plant them as you may get killed when they explode. All of the games have single player or two player option. There are different colorful backgrounds and themes, making the game even more fun to play. There is sound and music, which can be enabled or disabled. The size of the game screen can also be adjusted to your preference. Whether you prefer playing with a larger screen or smaller one, it can easily be adjusted using the slider on top of the main menu.

Characters of the Game

Rail Rush 2 delivers some of the same satisfaction as Rail Rush did in the past. Rail Rush 2 is similar in that this genre brings some new characters to the table, particularly the hidden characters (there are many). Earn to die

Anyhow, the initial level is challenging in that remembering the buttons will probably be the toughest task to overcome (if you’re good it won’t be an issue at all). The challenge is to get a set amount of obstacles (first level is 5), gems (10 on the first level), and change tracks on a set goal (20 times in the first level).


This is definitely not your typical first level online game. It is challenging from the start and will definitely test your patience at various moments just like the original Rail Rush game. This game also gives you the courtesy of shopping for extra points and the adrenaline this game brings out in you is amazing. I first thought this would be boring, but as I started to play and saw how harder it was than I assumed going in, I instantly couldn’t get off of it.

This particular game moves extremely fast as so it will test your reflexes big time so if you’re looking to build that up, this is the perfect game for you. Another thing about the game is that all the gold that one individual player collects can be spent in the gold shop as I call it.

The cool features are that you get to spend just a little of your own cash to buy what you want and really need for some of the features of the game. Buying three additional characters from the gold you earn during the game is awesome as well and buying a new rack for the wagon or cart as some would call it is quite awesome as well.


I believe this game is only .99 cents so it is worth it and if you want to kill a little bit of time, I think you are on the right game because it helps A LOT with that. The game is enjoyable for many reasons and the music, game itself and technical graphic design makes the game even more compelling.

The thing that makes this game Rail Rush 2 online stand out more so than many other online games is that it combines choices in that you get to alter it in a lot of different ways. Game play is simple and the game is still challenging so I give it a recommend to check out.

Hotel Escape 2: A Real Brain Teaser

From the makers of Hotels Escape game comes its sequel Hotel Escape 2. In this game, the objective is still the same, and that is to find hidden objects and solving the puzzle to escape the hotel room your are locked in. As a point and click puzzle game, you have to move around the room and hover your mouse into objects to see if you will find something like a clue or a code to open a door.


Escape games like this can be a little difficult at first and you may want to take a peek on the game’s walkthrough but it will take the away the sense of challenge in the game right? Try to complete and solve the puzzle on your own first and when you really can not do it, then perhaps you may ask for a little help. Find out for yourself if you have what it takes to complete Hotel Escape 2.