Help the turkey get its revenge in Turkey Got Guts

Turkey is a feathery animal that is usually found in farms. It is the usual meal during Thanksgiving and Holidays because of its size and taste. Turkey is not just a source of food but a beautiful attraction too in zoos and other showcasing events due to its colorful feathers. But let us remind ourselves that we should not abuse it and other animals because they are all living things.

Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ Chấn Guts

Do you know that there is a flash game where the main character is a turkey with a unique and fun goal? Yes, there is. The name of the game is Turkey Got Guts. The story in this game is that the turkey has experienced a lot of abuse from the people surrounding it. The usual purpose is to make it a meal on the table by the farmers. In this game, you will have the turkey to get its revenge by controlling and navigating it towards the location of the farmers and shoot them with the provided weapon in the game. This game is created by Pyrozen.


Catch the robbers of Wheely 7


The cute little red car is back for another challenging adventure. After his fairytale adventure in Wheely 6, he is now playing detective in Wheely 7: Detective. Wheely taught of opening a bank account but the bank was robbed by a gang of bad cars. Wheely is now determined to discover who these bad guys are. Help him get through each level. Solve each level at the minimum time to get a rating of three stars. As you are going with the levels, you will find clues.


Solve these clues and match the description of the bad car to the clue. Use the left button of your mouse to let Wheely move forward or stop. Wheely 7 is an exciting puzzle adventure game. Enjoy solving and playing fifteen levels. Help Wheely show the world that he can be a good detective by solving the crime mystery.