Pixel Super Heroes

You have dreams of becoming a superhero like Superman, iron man or even Thunder Thor. Brand new mobile game has just launched on the Android last week named Pixel Super Heroes will do satisfied desire it right now. earn to die 


The context in the game talking about how the world is threatened by the new black power, the people then turn up missing or kidnapped hostage. Our mission is to gather the superhero to the rescue world. All heroes must run through many different cities, battling hordes of evil guys and freed the hostages.


Accordingly, Pixel Super Heroes is a superhero in the action game category run endlessly fascinating and quite addictive, where you have to collect more coins as possible and save the hostages. Now is the time to become the next super hero.Adventures of Mana


Adventures of Mana

Coming to Adventures of Mana, you will be the role of a hero lord Dark Lord was arrested while trying to beat him. Then our hero was in many ways to escape and work closely with the other a mysterious character to avenge. In the process, they have discovered is the Dark Lord is trying to control the power of the Mana Tree to rule the world, the more advanced it is determined to destroy the Dark Lord of the protagonist. Earn to die


Adventures of Mana Base organic action role-playing game with a top-down perspective, the system “Half Ring Command” characteristics of the Mana series is back, allowing players to switch between the weapons and skills with ease . Also, like in the original game, the other supporting characters AI can work closely with the main character increases the strength significantly. Soul Worker


In addition, graphics of Square Enix Adventures of Mana is redesigned almost entirely with advanced 3D technology. The shaping of the characters are lively and fun also true spectacle, details. In addition, manufacturers also know how to create their very own uniqueness to change and add some new content to the game become more interesting, more attractive.


Besides the graphics refresh, version remake titled Adventures of Mana will rearrange the soundtrack from composer Kenji Ito famous, improve sliding further combat system and the system moves, moves like magic from the original version. The controls in the game are very simple when in addition to the basic operations, the player can set the keys to activate the preferred virtual attacks on enemies more quickly.

Soul Worker

As we all know, the online game hot Soul Worker has officially opened the free, widely on 6/4 to market in Japan

However a problem still exists if want to try fighting the Japanese version is the Worker of the Soul of Vietnamese people will have to proceed to the fake IP address to go to Japan to get home as well as the log is the part of the game’s launcher.earn to die


However the good news is that recently, the Publisher Gameforge has officially announced they had won the right to release the Soul Worker in North America, Europe and even the Global lock not IP version. What this means is, gamers will be playing freely among the online game Japan deserve to expect for a short time here, completely free and freedom.


Soul Worker is online game action blockbuster released in South Korea in mid-2014 and the new dock Japan, dramatic games by platform graphics anime style eyes beauty and physical effects extremely authentically built from Havok platform Vision Engine. Star of Heroes


Of course impossible not to mention guest access non-target the same submission focused heavily on creating combo did should have best gameplay and is full of fascinating Soul Worker. The interesting point is that the player can strike several targets simultaneously instead of just one, the player also has a defense mechanism by holding the right mouse button, besides the combo system on the ground and in the air are enough, very diverse.


Star of Heroes

Star of Heroes is a game titles focus on collecting the armies to build the most powerful Squad, conqueror of the spin-off. The game focuses more on computer role-playing when gamers will have to find many types of furniture suitable for the hero, the power as well as defensive capabilities when out of the battle. Earn to die
Combat in Star of Heroes goes towards the turn base, the character in the team will wait his turn to punch to the opponent. Like many other games of the same genre, the computer very tactical focus, gamer must arrange the lineup for the match, at the same time attack the proper target. Pirates Musketeers

Extra Edition in evil Star of Heroes was built under a separate storyline quite interesting rather than running around through the spin-off of a nonsensical way to hell beat making money, making map.
One of the Star attractions of Heroes is the Orchestra Hero was borrowed completely from DOTA, from formation to the skill, style, created the very gameplay excitement for gamers.


Pirates Musketeers

Pirates Musketeers is a challenging, pirate-based, platform-shooter game with 1 and 2 Player modes: Play the role of a little pirate warrior defending your seas from invasion, and leap around pirate ships eliminating enemies with accurate missile shots and other innovative weapons. Choose to ‘go it alone’ or team up with a friend to take on the quirky and unusual enemies in each of the 18 increasingly-difficult levels. Earn to die


Reasons to play this ledge-based, action adventure game: Sail into the wacky world of pirate ships that have been overrun by weird blob-like alien creatures, hat-wearing eagles, robotic airships, and other unusual enemies. Exercise your battle sharpness and keyboard control skills as you attempt to rid each pirate ship of the unwanted guests.

Strategy to win: As with most platform-based games, fast reactions and good observation skills are very important. You must tactfully leap from ledge to ledge, conserving ammo, and choosing the exact moment to strike. Defensive strategy is also important here – You cannot be on the attack at all times. If you are playing with a friend, classmate or family member, use smart teamwork to your advantage!Yoda Battle Slash

Pirates- Musketeers-1

Yoda Battle Slash

Yoda Battle Slash is an intense mouse-clicking Star Wars battle game featuring the most respected Jedi warrior of them all. Caught with no back-up, and with just his famous lightsabre as a weapon, the green Jedi legend Yoda must use the Force to withstand a massive onslaught of hovercraft flying droids in the midst of an epic mid-air fight-out. Help Yoda to expertly jump from hovercraft to hovercraft, destroying the approaching droids, and picking up valuable power-ups along the way. Don’t be fooled by Yoda’s diminutive frame and friendly nature – this fearsome old Jedi master has more than a few spectacular tricks up his sleeve! Earn to die


This simple yet highly-addicting jumping skill game requires pinpoint mouse clicking ability as well as an instinct to predict the path of the oncoming droid robots. Devotees of the Star Wars franchise will surely enjoy being reunited with one of the most iconic characters of the legendary movie series, while fans of old school arcade-style platform games should also enjoy the light sabre-wielding action! If you’ve got the desire and ability to assist Yoda in one final battle royal, we might just be able to borrow a phrase from the Master himself – “the Force is strong with this one”. Fight Man


Fight Man

One of the best kung fu Stickman fighting games ever: Get ready for an exciting and epic martial arts Battle Royale in the surprising surroundings of an everyday office desk space! Earn to die

Fight Man is an awesomely-addicting and unpredictably-brilliant Stickman fighting game set in one of the unlikeliest of arenas – on the desk in front of a boring old PC! You have to punch, kick, swivel, and karate chop your way through hordes of purple enemy stickmen using eye-catching martial arts skills. The Boss Man is waiting on the desk’s top shelf, but you have to wade through his less-talented minions before you get the chance for a shot at the title! Smack, bang, wallop – this really is light-hearted arcade gameplay at its finest!


Reminiscent of classic hand-to-hand combat games such as Streets of Rage and Electricman, this retro virtual fighting activity requires quick keyboard-tapping reflexes, and the fighting ability to pick off your enemies, one-by-one. Going on an all-out offensive might not be the best idea against so many opponents; you have to be strategically smart in how you attack and defend. Your acrobatic stickman is capable of some truly amazing karate and kung fu style moves, but you need to be tactful and prudent if you want to literally reach the Top Shelf. Let’s show these purple stickman wannabes a real Master of the art! This Is The Only Level 3