Metal Slug Defense

With these gamers are familiar with this title shall make the issue of graphics and sounds nothing more to say. However, only the owner of the image of the classic 2D Metal Slug but never do players have to disappoint. The game uses a lot of wallpapers, animations and includes all the characters in the game series including the villain. Metal Slug Defense gives you a different gameplay compared to the old version of the real-time strategy genre. earn to die



Each round of fighting, you have a power bar called AP and only few will mourn over time. To require a certain amount of AP you will summon the basic soldier, the familiar, the dwarf robot Rambo there and strong defense, or the villains from the previous version. When has prevailed on his force, you will destroy the enemy base is located at the bottom of the screen and move on to the next round.


Actually there are so many options for a team involved in a match. You can prepare in advance by picking out 10 members in his squad. The player can increase the levels for each Member by payment of an amount of money that we can earn after each match. Besides heroes, they have private armed and will enable them after a certain period of time.Prince of Persia Shadow&Flame


In addition to completing the tasks often, fights through each scenario, you can join to challenge other players over an online tournament mode. You can socialize, make friends with people from all over the world.


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