Adventures of Mana

Coming to Adventures of Mana, you will be the role of a hero lord Dark Lord was arrested while trying to beat him. Then our hero was in many ways to escape and work closely with the other a mysterious character to avenge. In the process, they have discovered is the Dark Lord is trying to control the power of the Mana Tree to rule the world, the more advanced it is determined to destroy the Dark Lord of the protagonist. Earn to die


Adventures of Mana Base organic action role-playing game with a top-down perspective, the system “Half Ring Command” characteristics of the Mana series is back, allowing players to switch between the weapons and skills with ease . Also, like in the original game, the other supporting characters AI can work closely with the main character increases the strength significantly. Soul Worker


In addition, graphics of Square Enix Adventures of Mana is redesigned almost entirely with advanced 3D technology. The shaping of the characters are lively and fun also true spectacle, details. In addition, manufacturers also know how to create their very own uniqueness to change and add some new content to the game become more interesting, more attractive.


Besides the graphics refresh, version remake titled Adventures of Mana will rearrange the soundtrack from composer Kenji Ito famous, improve sliding further combat system and the system moves, moves like magic from the original version. The controls in the game are very simple when in addition to the basic operations, the player can set the keys to activate the preferred virtual attacks on enemies more quickly.


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