Star of Heroes

Star of Heroes is a game titles focus on collecting the armies to build the most powerful Squad, conqueror of the spin-off. The game focuses more on computer role-playing when gamers will have to find many types of furniture suitable for the hero, the power as well as defensive capabilities when out of the battle. Earn to die
Combat in Star of Heroes goes towards the turn base, the character in the team will wait his turn to punch to the opponent. Like many other games of the same genre, the computer very tactical focus, gamer must arrange the lineup for the match, at the same time attack the proper target. Pirates Musketeers

Extra Edition in evil Star of Heroes was built under a separate storyline quite interesting rather than running around through the spin-off of a nonsensical way to hell beat making money, making map.
One of the Star attractions of Heroes is the Orchestra Hero was borrowed completely from DOTA, from formation to the skill, style, created the very gameplay excitement for gamers.



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