Where Are My Bunnies: Farmer Needs Some Help

Very fun and interesting animal game for children. Where are my bunnies is quite relaxing and not so hard to play. The background story of this game is about the farmer who lost his bunnies and you are trying to help him bring them back. You do that by putting a wolf mask. Start the game by clicking on the wolf and dragging it next to the bunny. Then you click “Play” and again on the wolf to activate it. When you need to jump, use spring coil and put it where you want to jump. Spring coil is located at the top left corner. Be careful not to fall into the deadly hole, where you can also push your enemy.

hqdefault (6)

Try to collect as many stars as you can, be fast and catch the bunnies. This is actually a goal of Where are my bunnies.in-game-2



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